What is fieldwork?

On the approach to artistic expression and landscape. /more/


Upcoming Projects

Over the years I have explored the relation between artistic expression and landscape, deploying self-consciously heightened versions of the “everyday” by contrasting the materiality of nature against the instances of the ruins and decay of modernity. The works have been fragile, not only in the literal sense but also in the sense of placing them within a certain context.

Three years ago I began to go through a crisis. It was a bodily, as well as an existential crisis – a crisis of life, of health, of sickness. Inevitably, it was a crisis of representation. In many ways, the work I had been doing presaged it, but as I went deeper I suddenly felt artistic inspiration vanish from me… / more /



I don’t make paintings for the sake of making a painting. My interest in painting stems from other experiences; I venture into the landscape; I gaze at the night’s sky; I read something; I see something – that’s the motivation for everything: an impression, a reflection on a naturalist archeology.


Photography is a means to an end: it is a composition practice; it builds a foundation for determinate bearings (earthbound); it shows itself as an investigation of materials. /more/


Space. Tactic habitat. Simple objects and simple messages. Everything is meaningful. Behavior: nature/body. Document: transformation. Space is a language.


Musings on art, philosophy & theology.