What is fieldwork?

On the approach to artistic expression and landscape. /more/


Upcoming Projects

The relation between art and landscape deploys a self-conscious, ‘heightened’ version of the everyday by contrasting the materiality of nature against the instances of the ruin: to trace in the ruin, even of the decay of modernity, that self that is on its way towards collapse. All “progress” is catastrophe. The works have been fragile not only in the literal sense but also in the sense of placing them within a certain context… / more /



Painting extends into the landscape. A gaze at the night’s sky. See something. Tbe motivation for anything is first an impression – a reflection on a naturalist archeology.


Photography is a means to an end: a composing praxis; a foundation for building determinate bearings. Photography also shows itself as an investigation of materials. /more/


Space is a tactic habitat become language: it measures behavior. Nature/Body. Document: transformation.