All Sorts of Objects

I am interested in all those factors that surround me – a wide range of influences that spur me forward and may appear in the work. No artist exists in a vacuum. The artist is an active worker among all sorts of objects that are also active in the making of a work of art. This extends equally in the making of the artist himself. The artist is one who produces themselves upon this heap of actors, linking chains of objects together to form an coherent image of a world. The most interesting art may be those events that link together the influencing factors, manifesting a kind of network of objects:

1 quart of gray paint,
elements: lines, shapes, coloration,
the event of will
all of the previous attempts at painting
the book I am reading
music, lots of it
the moon that was once in Cancer
what is Earthbound?
the circling of relation around the cadre of subjects and objects
the dunes in winter
(almost like going out into the desert)


The important thing about art, however, is that none of the relations among its objects imprisons those objects to mere relations. In each object there is something that exceeds our relational terms. I can link these things together and get an image of artistic influences or factors that may go into the work, but none of it can be reduced just to a list. All of these things have their mystery, entered into a pact with the artist who is the magician to their own mystery.






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I am a painter.

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