Points of departure:

Glacial Print IV

[1] Material = revelation

[2] Art is an approach towards the making of a world. It is an event producing the artist’s mode of existence and this existence is awareness of mystery, of un-know-ability.

[3] The relation of art and environment is reconciled by recourse to casuality as content.

[4] The debris of history: we are surrounded by the catastrophe that is called progress.

[5] Inoculating the present with a sensibility of geohistory.

[6] Archiving the anthropocene up against the romantic work of mourning.

[7] Landscape is memory; memory is collective.

[8] Art does not want a representation of life, it wants to feel and know what is real in action, life and work. (Povera) An experience of art is not replaceable to an analysis of a formula, and so it goes with all other objects.

[9] Siegfried Kracauer’s “realistic revelation of a prevailing abstractness.”

[10] Form matters.

Glacial Print  II

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