Basically the idea that the surface in painting is at home in the context of wider causal events on the surface of planets.

I’ve tossed in closeups of my paintings alongside planet/surface closeups (wish I could cite where I got those images but I just randomly searched and neglected to jot it down).  I am very interested in the idea of causality as the aesthetic dimension. This idea is something I already sensed and experienced directly in my treatment of surface, especially the rundown which I equate with the rundowns of minerals I observed on the cliffs of Lake Superior. Painting is earth. It is a unique art for which to explore the possibilities inherent in the medium (it’s matter-of-fact) as they relate to wider forces. Abstract geology in painting is first and foremost about the immanence of material and its relation to an aesthetic dimension happening in the expansive arena of surface formation: it is a perfect medium in which to call attention to scale invariance.



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