Emerging Landscapes

from the Sedimental, Vol 2 Num 1 issue –

The essential element of being is that it is continually ongoing in its self-differentiation: the painter sees processual aspects (of nature, action, cognition, etc.) as the essential feature of the real. Explicating relationships between the mind and the world; between the dynamic entities distilled into ‘static’ being in a condition of interacting-processing, the painter sees the world as constituted by continuous change. The painter does not deny the temporary stable; rather, stability persists as ontologically secondary to the recurrent aspect of becoming. ‘Abstract geology’ as a method of painting sets up a processual theory of matter and suggests art as a mode of becoming. The seer is part of the field and not a separated or disembodied eye – correlations are properties of interactions. The phenomena of emergence are developed in art through exploring the possibilities of self-organizing or self-engendering matter. Every painter has really only ever had interest in a single affirmation: the capacity realized within the matter or medium (hyle), which is the matter-of-fact for the painter.

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