Some bifircations in art…

Between culture (constitutions in the process that one determines by tradition) and nature (formulations/effects in the process determined by nature).

Between seeing (visually grasped in terms of processes, structured visually) and knowing (knowledge introduced establishing the process, structuring process).

Between inside (what is formulated inside me) and outside (what is manifested outwardly as action.

Between mutual reaction (mutual reaction as element) and cooperation (cooperation as basis for creation).

Between points of reference (fixed point) and open field (continual change in position).

Between intuition (process of the work is developed intuitively) and planning (with reference to theme and direction, process planned)

Between physical (weight of bodily activity or mass of parts) and psychologically (volume of formations).

Between order (arrangement or structure) and chaos (free, uncontrolled, self-expanding development)

Between demonstrations (of practice, getting to know the measurable through experience of preconditions) and use (process or operations in terms of procedure).

Between eye (momentary situations with my eyes) and memory (development of history as recorded by the mind)

Between sculptural (coporality of the human figure is stressed, body defined as plastically presented) and architecture (user moves in spatial scheme and is conditioned in reference to them)

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I am a painter.

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