A recent trip to the Southern United States saw a stop off at Rickwood caverns to do some Fieldwork for my upcoming exhibit. Here are a few images of the limestone formations estimated to be 260 million years old. (I apologize at the blurriness of these images as I did not carry the tripod into the cave, although I should have – even still, the basic composition still gets across fittingly).

The eyes of the artist – aspects of the human organism – are turned towards the geological that exceed them, producing not only a speculative vector in accordance with the truth of extinction (the geo mode outstrips our ambit) but equally a deep sense of the inhuman (which unbinds that organic binding so prevalent in the assertive aspects of anthro order). As I continue my exploration of connections between art and earth processes I find myself continually fascinated with going underground.

Rickwood 1 Rickwood-2 Rickwood-3 Rickwood-4 Rickwood-5 Rickwood-6

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