Thoughts on Painting

Landscape - Evening
Evening Landscape J Mason

I am a land artist but I do not do landscapes. There is a big problem with the notion of a landscape. (I will discuss this in another blog entry).

I am interested in materials but as a painter I cannot access a ground that is unmediated – painters are definitely caught into the correlation, since it is out of the very correlation that painting commences. Allowing the objects to emerge into this world means being bound up with them; each object is an intentional thing.  In the specific case of a painting the object is a singularity of conscious intentionality. But this intentionality is based solely on material circumstances. The motive in my world is whether or not conscious intentionality can relate in a mutual face with that of the natural world around it, which is also conscious. Painting becomes a means of exceeding or going-beyond the painter, turning the painter inward and outward.

I am interested in suggestions rather than depictions. I am a painter who recognizes that at the heart of materialism is the immaterial.

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I am a painter.

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