Because I engage with the materials of earth and I am interested in land art, I am pretty fortunate to have recently acquired 5 acres of land. Of course I really do not own the land (none of us do) – it has been there long before we came and will be there after we are gone, and the flora and fauna that emerge out of the land and reside there are not just beings existing now, and not there as stockpile for the breaking up of stuff into resources, but are manifestations of beings in a long steam of evolved growth. When one utters that they own the land one has implicitly suggested an approach of control – of it being what ‘I want to do with the land.’ I may feel myself to be a singular being but I am in a stream of the same processes existing out there on the land and I have a responsibility for its continued existence. I am a steward of the land. This informs my approach to art. The painter is the steward of forms: the painter allows the matter of painting to get on with it. They set up the parameters for its emergence and coax it into being. A painting grows into existence.

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