Now that it is the new year we’d like to take a look back at what has happened over the course of 2015.

This past year saw the creation of the second volume of Sedimental, the Fieldwork Studios ebook compendium. In the second volume we have began to really hone in on the look and feel of each issue. Each one is packed with photography, digital work and texts that are auxiliary to our approach. Not only does the content take on a seasonal theme, wrapping around Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter the work available in the ebooks is made exclusively for that platform. Sedimental has turned into yet another medium to express our artistic vision.

In September-October of 2015 the exhibition Not So Solid Earth saw very positive responses. The exhibition consisted of paintings and sculptures and was two years in the making. There was widespread support from our local art community and the turnout at the opening was great. We are really appreciative of all the support we continue to receive from our fellow artists, art appreciates, collectors, friends and family. Our audience is growing and that is wonderful.

Another big event that happened in 2015 was the Phil Rogers workshop hosted by Schaller Gallery. Rogers is a Welsh potter and is internationally recognized for his amazing work. His knowledge of the art of clay is profound and it was great to be able not only to attend his workshop and get an up close view of how he works, it was also great to get to know him a bit more by going out to dinner and hanging out after his workshop.

Yet another master of ceramics that we’ve come to know is John Glick. We’ve been able to go to his studio, see his kilns and speak with him on various occasions. Glick is in the process of retiring. Although Glick will continue to work, he will not be using his studio: he has sold off most of all of his studio, so the last time we visited it was quite a sad affair – it is almost like a great story is now coming to a close. But we are happy for him and wish him the best of luck in the new chapter he is entering. It is very inspiring to get to know someone who has dedicated their entire lives to working in the arts. It gives us a lot of energy to continue to pursue our own aims for decades to come. We’ve now inherited his flat file cabinet out of his studio and it has a new home in our own studio. Whenever we are working with our drawings or prints Mr Glick will be in our minds.

Oh yeah – the big one that happened this past year for us: we bought a house with 5 acres. We are looking forward to transforming the house and really making it our own, we have already dived into it. There is also another small house on the property that we are transforming into our new studio. We have plans to turn the front of the studio house into a small gallery space. It won’t just be a space to exhibit our own work but we would like to eventually host other artists and friends. It will be transformed over the course of the coming year and beyond. Obviously we also plan on transforming the land: while much of the 5 acres is woodland and field, and will remain that way, our aim is enrich our everyday experience by adding a garden and greenhouse – and who knows, maybe even chickens or bees.

This past year has been busy and eventful. We couldn’t be more appreciative of the experiences we have accumulated or honored at the people we have had the privilege to converse with, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the new chapter we are beginning. The exhibition in 2015 really was the end of a phase. The exhibitions on the horizon in 2016 mark the opening of a new phase – a new studio, new home, new woods to tromp around in, new inspirations. As we gather up what has passed we shall remember to cherish our experiences and memories and take them into the future.

The first big event for Fieldwork Studios in 2016 is an installation at the Ann Arbor Art Center’s Aquarium Gallery in April. From now until then we will not only be working on the upcoming installation but realigning our approach to Fieldwork Studios given our new situation. Summer 2016 will also see an small exhibit opening in our own gallery. There are so many plans but so little time!

To all our fellow artists who are out there, keep working and keep dedicating your life to your art. Follow your desires and push forward – always have something on the horizon. Remember that art is not about money but about a quality of life. – Why do you create art? The only way to transform others around you is to first transform yourself. Don’t chase after the carrot on the stick – the fads and fashions of art.  Don’t let gold steal the soul of your art away. Dedicate yourself to the timeless, to the perennial appeal of beauty. Follow your intuitions because it will never steer you wrong. We wish everyone light and love,

Joshua & Brittany






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