Documented through photographs, video, maps and gps coordinates, my time-capsules are sealed boxes consisting of content like a collection of sketches or prints, or things from nature like tree bark, dried flowers, honey or animal bones; it also may include automotive oil, carved polystyrene or plastics.

I have gathered together a certain amount of objects and gave them a signature (conferring a supposed “value”) but I smash it together with debris and bury it in order to efface its value. Art the commodity may go ahead and have its funeral: on its deathbed it reveals that the hidden-reverse of the commodity is the toxic object.

Some of the time-capsules consists of objects that are not documented – private objects, and some are done without anyone’s knowledge. Others capsules are filled with objects placed by other people (friends and fellow artists) the content of which no one else knows except them. And some of capsules are buried without corresponding identifications as to their whereabouts (no maps, no identified location) so as to cast the work out into the wide world of the Chaos surrounding us. – Such is my strategic invisibility.

Do not open until the year 2100.




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