Loading my vehicle this afternoon to head to Ann Arbor. Excited to get this installation off the ground – no pun intended. Lately I’ve been thinking geologically and asking myself what that exactly means. My view of things sometimes pans out over centuries and can extend into millennia. At the point that the vision hits me I am no longer myself but something else, something bigger.

The geologic has nothing to do with an idealized movement: it exists previous to and beyond us as a reality that we may be able to think but cannot really know. Neither it is a materialist movement in the sense of a hard substance, because at bottom it is essentially immaterial.

This ‘hard’ reality of rock is not hard – it passes through the same filtration and processes of becoming than organic life. To follow this line to the end, or to that which flows: the not so solid earth. Everything is changing into something else.

Every single proton and electron from the big bang is still here making all of this stuff around us. The atoms in our bodies are exchanged completely anew every seven or so years. Who were you seven years ago? Who shall you become in seven years time? A thousand years ago I was a fish or a Cathar, and a thousand years time I shall be an oak tree.

This entire project called planet earth is one organism exchanging itself constantly.

Animism is not about finding ‘souls’ in everything but understanding that everything is vibrant and throbbing with the energy of the universe, and concerning the relationships with entities it is an acknowledgement of the inherent potentiality of anything and everything to become something else.

-That we are part of the other and the other is us. If this really hit us in the understanding than it would scarcely be possible to continue with violence against others, the injection of pollution into the Gaian organism or with our war profiteering. “I am my brother’s keeper” is not just a phrase, it is the truth of the world. It is such an immense responsibility that it is no wonder people balk at this vision: it is easier for people to wallow in their own little shells and ignore their connections. But the time has already arrived when this is no longer option. Geohistory is this invitation to think again from the beginning…the long beginning.

I am the Big Bang and so are you.



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