Geopainting appears as a field of force. It appears as an emergent structure of instant impacts. It seems to be an image but not a picture – it appears not as a picture of anything, only an image of itself. The image appears as landscape landing itself, where land becomes a verb, a doing, activity and excitation. The image appears to emerge, concertizing the processual becoming of materials.

Whether one calls it ‘art’ bestows irrelevance. The object that births into existence may be an artifact of an artist, but this artifact appears as nature appears, pulverizing the expressionist.

An object that lands itself appears not as landscape art: no longer a staged theater of nature, instead the object emerges as a field of dynamic occurring of the object.

Geopainting seizes the immanent transmutation of the field of matter, fixing an image of processes seizing themselves, fossilizing into an object that is not known in advance. – That which does not exist in advance; that there is no preconceived plan orienting the image, and instead the image comes about in its own nature.



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