The following are some great quotes from Malevich. When approaching my own art and theories surrounding it I have found great inspiration in Malevich and even if I have taken a completely different aesthetic route in the sense of handling form, his contributions still have an influence upon me.

(All quotes are from his texts God is Not Cast Down (thesis 1-5) or On the New Systems of Art)


“Nature’s perfection lies in the absolute blind freedom of units within it – units that are at the same time absolutely interdependent.”

“Thought is nothing but a process an activity of an unknowable excitation. That is why Nothing has an influence on me, and why Nothing, as an entity, determines my consciousness; for everything is excitation, understood as a single state, stripped of all the attributes given it in the language of the tribe.”

“When the community wants to fix infinity, or trace its frontiers, it has recourse to conventions. That is why life takes on the aspect of…a huge nursery in which children play every possible sort of game, full of imagined rules; and in these games they live reality, build towers, castles, forts ans towns, then demolish them, then rebuild them all over again…”

“The world is like a hole and the hole itself is not hollow. I can cut a section across the emptiness, a grid or a sieve…and maybe here – out of the cut – I can extract a point or a line…but once again Man will fall into error of taking the point or line for reality, for things that exist…”

“The automization of blinkered personalities within separate workshops is not in accordance with the times. It is counter-revolutionary in its general direction. These people are landlords and owners of their personal programs.”

“Reason cannot reason, and judgement cannot judge, for nothing exists in Nature that can be judged, reasoned, or examined; she is lacking that unity which could be taken for a whole.”

“The empty place where Nothing is perceived but sensation.”

“If materialism were content to build scaffolding on which to ascend to the nebulae and transform itself into so much mist in the turning of the great cosmic vortex – well, that would be a point in its favor, in my view; but as long as it presents itself as simply a ‘fight for survival’ or a struggle with Nature, all its victories strike me as meaningless.”

“Go and stop culture.”


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