“Accept that I can plan nothing.
Any consideration that I make about the ‘construction’ of a picture is false and if the execution is successful then it is only because I partially destroy it or because it works anyway, because it is not disturbing and looks as though it is not planned. Accepting this is often intolerable and also impossible, because as a thinking, planning human being it humiliates me to find that I am powerless to that extent, making me doubt my competence and any constructive ability. The only consolation is that I can tell myself that despite all this I made the pictures event when they take the law into their own hands, do what they like with me although I don’t want them to, and simply come into being somehow. Because anyway I am the one who has to decide what they should ultimately look like (the making of pictures consists of a large number of yes and no decisions at the end). Seen like this the whole thing seems quite natural to me though, or better nature-like…”

  • Gerhard Richter, Notes, 12.2.90

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