Can I take you to the shoreline? The cerulean water churns in front of you, always advancing and receding. The sky is above you and meets the water at the horizon. A mirroring affect ensues. You feel the landscape collide into your senses. The cool breeze on your face provides more intensity. Walking along the sand each step vanishes behind you.

You go to the lake to find an opening. Look at the extended sky. Look at the abrupt horizon – that stark exemplar of infinity. It provides a glimpse into the something that is beyond you. The shoreline gives insight into a preeminent picture.

You feel the crisp breath of the coastal esprit permeating through your body and psyche as you  witness the pulsating forces of being. You hear the roar of the abyss. Something inside of you begins to tumble to the depths – the crepuscular underbelly of the soul. A looming x may appear.

At the shoreline you sense the changeable. It is the developing and discontinuing and uncertain dynamic – an astounding process.

At the shoreline there is little room for you.

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