Even if life, meaning and the phenomenological experience itself will be eclipsed by the sun’s eventual blackening, I surpass this (nihilist) vision through the affirmation of the contingencies themselves: yes, everything will be subject to catastrophism, but the contingencies of life nevertheless exist or have existed and shall exist for some time into the future, and even if we cannot escape the cosmic event of our undoing, the result is not melancholic paralysis in the face of solar death.

Not only can matter think (we are the proof of that) but matter is alive – it is alive matter and not dead matter. Not only can matter have emotions (we are the proof of that) but matter is sensitive. Art can create beautiful artifacts as an affirmation of a life, and the task of the artist is to discover that matter is alive and sensitive.

We may be in a situation where existence is poised against extinction but nonetheless there is still existence, for the time being. The horizon of nihilism unbound is no relinquisher of joy, affirmation, or deep belonging. The capacity of nihilism to render contingent forms that we presume were stable does nothing to undo the miracle of nature-naturing as it works internally and externally as creation (nature-natured). We may be on a globe of baked matter, residing on a thin layer of crust between molten core and the Dark Night of the void, but this inhuman dynamism does not displace commitment.



Published by fldwrk

I am a painter.

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