Painting in a Different State

Some news on recent work. I’m excited about exhibiting one of my pieces in an upcoming group exhibition titled Abstract Mind 2019, at CICA Museum in South Korea. Check out for more information. The exhibition will be held March 8 to 24, 2019. The title of the work is “Painting in a Different State,” expressing abstraction as incomplete and fragmented. The statement is as follows:

Abstraction is fragmentary. The condition is catastrophic. If the work appears with geologic tendencies then it is because it is the ruin of the collision between culture and nature. The catastrophic is not something that may occur but what is already given. The work constitutes a ruinous state, or the transience towards which all natural history irreversibly inclines.


In the chance that any of you may be in South Korea in March 2019, check out CICA in person at  196-30, Samdo-ro, Yangchon-eup Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 10049.

More information on the exhibition will pop up on the blog as it gets closer.


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I am a painter.

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