On the Geologic Art

“Geologic” conjures up references to the science of geology – the study of the origins and structures of the earth – but today artists, architects and philosophers are adding aesthetic sensations and new layers of meaning to the term. It is a development suggesting that the geologic is something we live within and is notContinue reading “On the Geologic Art”

Glossary for Mineralizing the Imagination

A glossary I made up to be available during the next exhibition… AGENCY No doubt the work is always a visible reality added to the other realities of the world, having its own concrete fact. The contents are evoked – the category of the ‘evocative picture’ stands tall throughout all of modern painting – andContinue reading “Glossary for Mineralizing the Imagination”

Latour’s Lecture “The Anthropocene and the Destruction of the Image of the Globe”

This is lecture 4 of Latour’s Gifford Lectures. The paradox of what is called “globalization” is that there is no “global globe” to hold the multitude of concerns that have to be assembled to replace the “politics of nature” of former periods. What are the instruments —always local and partial— that are sensitive enough toContinue reading “Latour’s Lecture “The Anthropocene and the Destruction of the Image of the Globe””