Glossary of terms that you may come across on Not So Solid Earth.

Abstract Will – Referring to the intelligence or the personality that is given discursive unity; unified as a simulacrum willing itself while disinvesting corporeality, as a sphere of ‘inner consciousness’ over and against the encounter with the morality of the human condition


Alchemy –

Animism – the belief that everything in the world is connected through spiritual essence, as an animating energy

Art – a configuration of becoming, grasped in terms of the artist, and the basic occurrence of beings

Arte Povera

Aesthetics – concerned with the appreciation of beauty, judgements or sentiments of the artistic sensorium

Becoming – the state of change or turbulence of materiality

Being – embodied and existing sentience

Catastrophe – the sudden rupture of existing conditions

Corporeality – embodied body having tangible material form or substance

Cultus Arboreum

Ecstatic Naturalism


Deposition – referring to geological processes where matter is added to an existing mass, as depositing or building up layers of sediment

Decalcomania – surrealist technique of pressing paint between sheets of paper and transferring the impressions

Ecology – the spectrum of environmental, urban and agricultural systems

Eschatology – an end to ordinary reality, a crisis of reality that poses a new way of living, being and thinking

Exterminism – extermination of embodiment, removing beings and objects from existence

Fieldwork – dual definition as work exploring the natural environment and as a temporary fortification

Flesh – commonly defined as the soft muscle or fat found in humans and animals, but poetically construed as the dynamic and fluid physics of embodiment

Found Objects

Geology – earth’s physical substance and structure, its processes and history

Immanent Christ


OOO – Object Oriented Ontology,

Pagan – reverence for nature and nature-based spirituality, as a shared understanding of sacred nature (see animism)

Painting – process of applying paint or other mediums or materials to a solid surface that is also a mode of creative expression


Natural History – referring to Ernst as the unconscious guide of naturalistic automatism in painting

Nigreddo –

Nihilism – maintaining that nothing in the world has real existence

Ritual Magic


Significance – quality of being important, worthy or having meaning in words, object or events

Sensation – the way that beings are bound to the world, rooted in reality

Sensorium – the sensory faculties considered as a whole

Simulacrum – an image or re-presentation of some thing

Withdrawal –  in OOO “withdrawal” refers the elusive distinction of the object that can neither be reduced downward to its constitutive parts of material or updward to its discursive representations