Site for Indwelling

“Site for Indwelling” latex, oil, foam, polyurethane, wood, beach grass, tar, soil, mirror dimensions: roughly 6’x6′ at Fieldwork    

On Abstraction

My work isn’t ‘abstract’ in the sense of being tied to the modernist ‘abstract experience’ acquired by rational consciousness, which abstracts from the world. Rather than bracketing-out a world in order to form a phasespace of projected transcendence, and thus impose itself as an unmoved form envisaged from above, the approach takes up what mayContinue reading “On Abstraction”


What is it like to be on the threshold of a generalized lack of confidence in the sign? This question is Malevich’s question. To begin at the zero, or otherwise at the undecidable Black Square. His take on the crisis of the sign is unique. It informs some of my sympathies in its utopianism. BeyondContinue reading “Transitions”