On Abstraction

My work isn’t ‘abstract’ in the sense of being tied to the modernist ‘abstract experience’ acquired by rational consciousness, which abstracts from the world. Rather than bracketing-out a world in order to form a phasespace of projected transcendence, and thus impose itself as an unmoved form envisaged from above, the approach takes up what mayContinue reading “On Abstraction”


What is it like to be on the threshold of a generalized lack of confidence in the sign? This question is Malevich’s question. To begin at the zero, or otherwise at the undecidable Black Square. His take on the crisis of the sign is unique. It informs some of my sympathies in its utopianism. BeyondContinue reading “Transitions”

Malevich’s Utopianism

  The following are some great quotes from Malevich. When approaching my own art and theories surrounding it I have found great inspiration in Malevich and even if I have taken a completely different aesthetic route in the sense of handling form, his contributions still have an influence upon me. (All quotes are from hisContinue reading “Malevich’s Utopianism”

On Action Painting

Rosenberg’s contribution revolves around his assertions about Abstract Expressionism as a breakthrough in the history of painting: it was no longer painting pictures, instead the surface became a field for recording an event. It is the event or the ‘action’ of the expressionistic capacities of the painter themselves involved with a direct use of materials.Continue reading “On Action Painting”

The Medium is Sensitive

Painting has come to be not about illustrating a world but about enticing forces inherent in the thing by elaborating the pictorial consequences of its own reality. With abstract geology in painting the work becomes a vision of casuality. As to what it might be that underlines the painting is the inquiry of the painter,Continue reading “The Medium is Sensitive”

What is a “Finished” Painting?

Below is a “finished” snow painting (see my previous post for some melting pictures). No painting is ever really finished, especially those whose aim is the metaphysics of processes. The materials I use to create paintings (paint, soil, water, snow, etc.) were once other things: there are all sorts of living organisms in the soil,Continue reading “What is a “Finished” Painting?”

Snow Paintings

Letting go as the arbiter of what appears the painter coaxes the materials themselves to form an image. What appears in the painting is as the earth appears: nature’s own qualities of form are allowed to emerge unimpeded. Tools: paintbrush, flat-head shovel, oil, acrylic, fresh snow, soil on canvas. (1) Build up the plane withContinue reading “Snow Paintings”

Nature Magic

The minerals, vegetable and animal all take part in art. Art is not some practice or specialization confined to human work. Art is that thing that the objects of this world do as they participate in magic. This magic is the aesthetic,  causal dimension. Everything is sensitive.   What I am calling magical is theContinue reading “Nature Magic”