Scale Invariance / Theory

The following is included in the upcoming ebook connected to our art installation, which opens Monday the 4th of April at Ann Arbor Art Center.   Theory / [1] Scale Under fractal dilatation geology appears invariant, meaning there is self-similarity. Without a scale it is impossible to determine the size of the geological feature. AContinue reading “Scale Invariance / Theory”

Climate Catastrophe at the Younger-Dryas Boundary

Randall Carlson tells how he was led to studying the “Missoula Floods” and the catastrophic melting of the ice sheets covering Canada. Gigantic floods now documented across the US; evidence for impact and extensive fires in the ‘Black Mat’; largest loss of species in 5 million years; climate spasms… (Simultaneous events 13,000 years ago) excerptContinue reading “Climate Catastrophe at the Younger-Dryas Boundary”

Catastrophic History

The strict gradualist model of geology is challenged by the evidence of catastrophic events. These catastrophic events would have major influence over our usual assumptions of the archeological record – the emergence of agriculture and first rise of cities is assumed to be around eight to ten-thousand years ago but could date back further ifContinue reading “Catastrophic History”