Imagine Scales That Exceed You

“In relation to the history of organic life of earth,” writes a modern biologist, “the paltry fifty millennia of homo sapiens constitutes something like two seconds at the close of a twenty-four hour day. On this scale, the history of civilized mankind would fill one-fifth of the last second of the last hour.” The present,Continue reading “Imagine Scales That Exceed You”

What is the Lay of the Land?

by Joshua Mason Editor’s note: This essay is based on Mason’s presentation at DePaul University last October. Part II will be published next month. This is Lake Superior. This is the beginning. It is where I am absorbed. What I see is the edge. You can learn a lot by observing the space where water […]Continue reading “What is the Lay of the Land?”

Extinction Object

Extinction Object (foam, wire, wood, oil, soil, tar) “It reminds me of an oil spill,” my wife said, “it is abominable.” “Yes,” I replied. “It marks the catastrophic process that is the condition of its emergence.” Shifting through the muck of existence, can a sculpture tap into the viscosity of reality?  

Acting into Nature

In John Singer-Sargent’s “Bringing Down Marble From the Quarries to Carrara” (1911) I can see a geological abstraction emerging. What at first glance may be considered a relatively straight-forward painting reveals something quite different than a traditional expectation of ‘landscape.’ It is an image of a quarry: a carving space where the geological seemingly followsContinue reading “Acting into Nature”

Latour’s Lecture “The Anthropocene and the Destruction of the Image of the Globe”

This is lecture 4 of Latour’s Gifford Lectures. The paradox of what is called “globalization” is that there is no “global globe” to hold the multitude of concerns that have to be assembled to replace the “politics of nature” of former periods. What are the instruments —always local and partial— that are sensitive enough toContinue reading “Latour’s Lecture “The Anthropocene and the Destruction of the Image of the Globe””

A Philosophical Ecology

I found a great post over at Knowledge Ecology entitled “A Philosophical Ecology.” I will quote small fragments of it but suggest that if you are interested in such a topic that you read the entire post. “Along the lines of grounding the empirical and the transcendental within a larger ecology of being, Peter SloterdijkContinue reading “A Philosophical Ecology”