Anthropocene is too anthropocentric – it suffices, of course, since by the very designation we are declaring anthropos as geological agent. But just as earth itself is an active agent (we humans aren’t just the only actors on a global scale), equally there is a lot of action in outer space. Anthropocene may be tooContinue reading “Anthropocene(tric)”

Scale Invariance / Theory

The following is included in the upcoming ebook connected to our art installation, which opens Monday the 4th of April at Ann Arbor Art Center.   Theory / [1] Scale Under fractal dilatation geology appears invariant, meaning there is self-similarity. Without a scale it is impossible to determine the size of the geological feature. AContinue reading “Scale Invariance / Theory”

Points of departure:

[1] Material = revelation [2] Art is an approach towards the making of a world. It is an event producing the artist’s mode of existence and this existence is awareness of mystery, of un-know-ability. [3] The relation of art and environment is reconciled by recourse to casuality as content. [4] The debris of history: weContinue reading “Points of departure:”