Scale Invariance / Theory

The following is included in the upcoming ebook connected to our art installation, which opens Monday the 4th of April at Ann Arbor Art Center.   Theory / [1] Scale Under fractal dilatation geology appears invariant, meaning there is self-similarity. Without a scale it is impossible to determine the size of the geological feature. AContinue reading “Scale Invariance / Theory”

New Sculptures

Here are two of my recent sculptures. The dimensions vary but range about 36″-48″ width/height, the second one is about 24″ high. Artifacts. Techno-fossils. The black of the black mat boundary or the truth of Black Square. The decomposing toxic object of capital puncturing into the geological strata.

The Medium is Sensitive

Painting has come to be not about illustrating a world but about enticing forces inherent in the thing by elaborating the pictorial consequences of its own reality. With abstract geology in painting the work becomes a vision of casuality. As to what it might be that underlines the painting is the inquiry of the painter,Continue reading “The Medium is Sensitive”

What is a “Finished” Painting?

Below is a “finished” snow painting (see my previous post for some melting pictures). No painting is ever really finished, especially those whose aim is the metaphysics of processes. The materials I use to create paintings (paint, soil, water, snow, etc.) were once other things: there are all sorts of living organisms in the soil,Continue reading “What is a “Finished” Painting?”

Snow Paintings

Letting go as the arbiter of what appears the painter coaxes the materials themselves to form an image. What appears in the painting is as the earth appears: nature’s own qualities of form are allowed to emerge unimpeded. Tools: paintbrush, flat-head shovel, oil, acrylic, fresh snow, soil on canvas. (1) Build up the plane withContinue reading “Snow Paintings”

Notes on Artist talk at the Box Factory for the Arts

The working process behind the exhibition is to explore the intersection between mark-making and landscape. The question unfolds as to how these two things can converge. The materiality of earth informs all the works. Alongside paint, plaster and pigment, there is soil. Painting is earth. I want to see what a painting can do whenContinue reading “Notes on Artist talk at the Box Factory for the Arts”

On the Geologic Art

“Geologic” conjures up references to the science of geology – the study of the origins and structures of the earth – but today artists, architects and philosophers are adding aesthetic sensations and new layers of meaning to the term. It is a development suggesting that the geologic is something we live within and is notContinue reading “On the Geologic Art”

Glossary for Mineralizing the Imagination

A glossary I made up to be available during the next exhibition… AGENCY No doubt the work is always a visible reality added to the other realities of the world, having its own concrete fact. The contents are evoked – the category of the ‘evocative picture’ stands tall throughout all of modern painting – andContinue reading “Glossary for Mineralizing the Imagination”