Notes on Artist talk at the Box Factory for the Arts

The working process behind the exhibition is to explore the intersection between mark-making and landscape. The question unfolds as to how these two things can converge. The materiality of earth informs all the works. Alongside paint, plaster and pigment, there is soil. Painting is earth. I want to see what a painting can do whenContinue reading “Notes on Artist talk at the Box Factory for the Arts”

On the Geologic Art

“Geologic” conjures up references to the science of geology – the study of the origins and structures of the earth – but today artists, architects and philosophers are adding aesthetic sensations and new layers of meaning to the term. It is a development suggesting that the geologic is something we live within and is notContinue reading “On the Geologic Art”

Abstraction in the World

You don’t have to paint a figure in order to convey feeling. In abstraction, the aim is in organizing states of feeling. I am interested in abstraction but not in the sense of condensing particulars into sterilized forms, or of taking things out of the world in order to get at some supposed refined ‘Idea.’Continue reading “Abstraction in the World”

Digging in the Dirt

As a painter I want the material of the object as a kind of stratum equated with the body, and it is through embodying the object in its material significance that I may attempt to embody myself. I face an overwhelming system as just another servomechanism of the technoscape and this prompts my reach intoContinue reading “Digging in the Dirt”