Whereas artists have once placed inalienable individuality at the center of artistic expression, the ascendancy of geology into the historical sphere (and history into the geologic sphere) presents challenges to this model of the individual. Whereas the painter once thought themselves the center of such spontaneous processes taking place within the personality, at present theContinue reading “Scale”

Crackling of Non-Objectivity

Earth is Not Cast Down. The truth of Black Square is in the cracking of its surface. The field as ironized presentation as a pristine surface, marking the fundamental non-being of the elements on show, undergoes erosion into a geologic field. This is the matter-of-fact of painting.  The cracking is the crackling of non-objectivity.  ElevationContinue reading “Crackling of Non-Objectivity”

Emergent Landscapes

Ridgeline oil, acrylic, graphite, soil, plaster on wood (12″x48″) J Mason The world is constituted by continuous change: dynamic features are primary and the assemblies of static entities are the derivatives. For the artist who perceives and encounters what may look like objects and subjects (or any number of different entities) such things are alwaysContinue reading “Emergent Landscapes”

Climate Catastrophe at the Younger-Dryas Boundary

Randall Carlson tells how he was led to studying the “Missoula Floods” and the catastrophic melting of the ice sheets covering Canada. Gigantic floods now documented across the US; evidence for impact and extensive fires in the ‘Black Mat’; largest loss of species in 5 million years; climate spasms… (Simultaneous events 13,000 years ago) excerptContinue reading “Climate Catastrophe at the Younger-Dryas Boundary”


A recent trip to the Southern United States saw a stop off at Rickwood caverns to do some Fieldwork for my upcoming exhibit. Here are a few images of the limestone formations estimated to be 260 million years old. (I apologize at the blurriness of these images as I did not carry the tripod intoContinue reading “Caverns”

Sedimentary Record

Robert Smithson’s ideas about ‘abstract geology’ fascinate me, and specifically the politics of geology. Smithson refused art as a historical narrative with which the values and morality of Man could be injected.1 What are the politics of the volcano or the landslide or the tsunami? Certainly, they aren’t inscribed into the practice of historical Man:Continue reading “Sedimentary Record”