Acting into Nature

In John Singer-Sargent’s “Bringing Down Marble From the Quarries to Carrara” (1911) I can see a geological abstraction emerging. What at first glance may be considered a relatively straight-forward painting reveals something quite different than a traditional expectation of ‘landscape.’ It is an image of a quarry: a carving space where the geological seemingly followsContinue reading “Acting into Nature”

Painting is Earth

The painter is interested in a sensibility inspired by the patterns and marks of the Earth. All work is influenced by the marks of the Earth: geological, arboreal, fluvial. The opposition between Art and Nature is irrelevant, as it used to be that Art (Culture) and Nature were to be diametrically opposed to each otherContinue reading “Painting is Earth”

Catastrophic History

The strict gradualist model of geology is challenged by the evidence of catastrophic events. These catastrophic events would have major influence over our usual assumptions of the archeological record – the emergence of agriculture and first rise of cities is assumed to be around eight to ten-thousand years ago but could date back further ifContinue reading “Catastrophic History”