On Frequenting Sacred Shades

Lately I’ve been working on several paintings and an installation for an upcoming group exhibition (6/15/18 – pictures to come). I thought I would attempt to write something around my contribution. My aspiration as an artist is to express dwelling in nature. I choose to live in the countryside rather than the city. I amContinue reading “On Frequenting Sacred Shades”

Nature Magic

The minerals, vegetable and animal all take part in art. Art is not some practice or specialization confined to human work. Art is that thing that the objects of this world do as they participate in magic. This magic is the aesthetic,¬† causal dimension. Everything is sensitive. ¬† What I am calling magical is theContinue reading “Nature Magic”

Approaching Painting

“My aim is always to get hold of the magic of reality and to transfer this reality into painting – to make the invisible visible¬† through reality. It may sound paradoxical, but it is, in fact, reality which forms the mystery of our existence.” – Max Beckmann, On My Painting Max Beckmann spoke about theContinue reading “Approaching Painting”

Magic in the Material Thing

  Objects are weird. We can stretch our thought around a general relationality of the object but the capacity is enormous, and relation ends up exerting itself. The thing we know is not the thing – we cannot grasp them as they are. A line of stones. The constellation Taurus. There is magic in theContinue reading “Magic in the Material Thing”