What is it like to be on the threshold of a generalized lack of confidence in the sign? This question is Malevich’s question. To begin at the zero, or otherwise at the undecidable Black Square. His take on the crisis of the sign is unique. It informs some of my sympathies in its utopianism. BeyondContinue reading “Transitions”

Malevich’s Utopianism

  The following are some great quotes from Malevich. When approaching my own art and theories surrounding it I have found great inspiration in Malevich and even if I have taken a completely different aesthetic route in the sense of handling form, his contributions still have an influence upon me. (All quotes are from hisContinue reading “Malevich’s Utopianism”

Malevich’s Primary Material Presence

 “The two-dimensional monochrome represents a turning point in art, or more specifically, painterly representation of the world, no longer rendering the world in a realist, figurative depiction in accordance with the traditional concepts of art, but rather transforming our view and our vision of the world. A black square on a white background, with “nothing”Continue reading “Malevich’s Primary Material Presence”

Crackling of Non-Objectivity

Earth is Not Cast Down. The truth of Black Square is in the cracking of its surface. The field as ironized presentation as a pristine surface, marking the fundamental non-being of the elements on show, undergoes erosion into a geologic field. This is the matter-of-fact of painting.  The cracking is the crackling of non-objectivity.  ElevationContinue reading “Crackling of Non-Objectivity”