Handling, Glimpse, Withdrawal

I suppose my interests lately reside in content since I tend to think that content is just as crucial as form in the contribution of what makes a good painting. Perhaps that is why I am drawn to talking about painting and its influences, rather than being satisfied with recourse to a vacuous actuality ofContinue reading “Handling, Glimpse, Withdrawal”

Grass Will Grow Over Your Cities

We live upon ruins. History is the progressive accumulation of ruin upon ruin. In the end, capitalism – that abstract monstrosity of a totality – would’ve been a machine for the production of ruins. If I was to choose among the artworld elite, upon the transnational roll call of celebrity artists, then one of myContinue reading “Grass Will Grow Over Your Cities”

Magic in the Material Thing

  Objects are weird. We can stretch our thought around a general relationality of the object but the capacity is enormous, and relation ends up exerting itself. The thing we know is not the thing – we cannot grasp them as they are. A line of stones. The constellation Taurus. There is magic in theContinue reading “Magic in the Material Thing”