On Frequenting Sacred Shades

Lately I’ve been working on several paintings and an installation for an upcoming group exhibition (6/15/18 – pictures to come). I thought I would attempt to write something around my contribution. My aspiration as an artist is to express dwelling in nature. I choose to live in the countryside rather than the city. I amContinue reading “On Frequenting Sacred Shades”

The Return of Νέμεσις: Catastrophism in the Anthropocene

catastrophe (n.) 1530s, “reversal of what is expected” (especially a fatal turning point in a drama), from Latin catastropha, from Greek katastrophe “an overturning; a sudden end,” from katastrephein “to overturn, turn down, trample on; to come to an end,” from kata “down” (see cata-) + strephein “turn” (see strophe). Extension to “sudden disaster” isContinue reading “The Return of Νέμεσις: Catastrophism in the Anthropocene”

Vegetable Resurrection

As spring is beginning around my parts I am beginning to observe all sorts of new life unfolding from underneath the once snow-packed layers of the field. Buds are appearing on the trees, flowers are popping up from the soil, birds are stirring again in a way they don’t here in the winter. I haveContinue reading “Vegetable Resurrection”


Litholarty is no doubt the earliest kind of worship, as the object of idolarty found all of the world seems to have been unwrought stone – such stone was often symbolic of the generative or emblem of the procreative power of nature. Remnants of stone worship can be found all over the world, distributed acrossContinue reading “Litholarty”