Geopainting appears as a field of force. It appears as an emergent structure of instant impacts. It seems to be an image but not a picture – it appears not as a picture of anything, only an image of itself. The image appears as landscape landing itself, where land becomes a verb, a doing, activityContinue reading “Geopainting”


“What was relevant to the 60’s was the necessity of reconstituting the object as art. Objects were an obvious first step way from illusionism, allusion and metaphor. They re the clearest type of artificial independent entity, obviously removed and separated from the anthropomorphic. It is not especially surprising that art driving toward greater concreteness andContinue reading “Mutability”

Speculation on Objects in Art

Between myself as an artist (subject) and the work of art (object) the bifurcation fuses each and in the other entangled together in a plane of being, as a collectivity. I don’t think objects are an opposed pole to the human being. To explore Levi Bryant’s “onticology” – the term for the ontology of objectsContinue reading “Speculation on Objects in Art”