Beyond Evocation

  Beyond Evocation The evocative object emerged out of the condition of viewing the painting as a thing produced by the human mind, as painting through which the human mind could contemplate itself. Stylistic forms would vary, of course, and there were several differences and rifts between the methods and constructions of this kind ofContinue reading “Beyond Evocation”

Snow Paintings

Letting go as the arbiter of what appears the painter coaxes the materials themselves to form an image. What appears in the painting is as the earth appears: nature’s own qualities of form are allowed to emerge unimpeded. Tools: paintbrush, flat-head shovel, oil, acrylic, fresh snow, soil on canvas. (1) Build up the plane withContinue reading “Snow Paintings”

Notes on Artist talk at the Box Factory for the Arts

The working process behind the exhibition is to explore the intersection between mark-making and landscape. The question unfolds as to how these two things can converge. The materiality of earth informs all the works. Alongside paint, plaster and pigment, there is soil. Painting is earth. I want to see what a painting can do whenContinue reading “Notes on Artist talk at the Box Factory for the Arts”

Painting is Earth

The painter is interested in a sensibility inspired by the patterns and marks of the Earth. All work is influenced by the marks of the Earth: geological, arboreal, fluvial. The opposition between Art and Nature is irrelevant, as it used to be that Art (Culture) and Nature were to be diametrically opposed to each otherContinue reading “Painting is Earth”