Organic Intensity

Pollock’s term of aesthetic judgement for his own work creeps up in a handwritten manifesto from 1950 – “organic intensity.” Of what he refers, this sense of aesthetic occurs as a decision point – that measure of instinct made when the work had reached a proper state. The work goes through several developments, often upsettingContinue reading “Organic Intensity”

Painting with No Edges

The edge as a demarcation between what goes on in the work and what goes on elsewhere is no longer necessary. With the mineralized painting there are no edges. The limitation of size stops the expanding of the field but this limit is arbitrary. The impact area could extend indefinitely. Size and scale are notContinue reading “Painting with No Edges”


One of the aspects of the history of (western) art that the avant-garde had learned to despise: the effort towards an ever better imitation of an object world. Marks became a means where the mechanics of illusionism could be reduced to bare essentials. Forms were made to play across simplified edges in order that oneContinue reading “Illusionism”


Painting is a thing that precludes language. To experience a painting is to allow oneself to let go of the need to grasp at knowledge. Painting is not a narrative: it is not commentary and it does not tell a story. Painting presents itself as a thing that is immediately there. The material formations ofContinue reading “Inexpressible”

Grass Will Grow Over Your Cities

We live upon ruins. History is the progressive accumulation of ruin upon ruin. In the end, capitalism – that abstract monstrosity of a totality – would’ve been a machine for the production of ruins. If I was to choose among the artworld elite, upon the transnational roll call of celebrity artists, then one of myContinue reading “Grass Will Grow Over Your Cities”


Geopainting appears as a field of force. It appears as an emergent structure of instant impacts. It seems to be an image but not a picture – it appears not as a picture of anything, only an image of itself. The image appears as landscape landing itself, where land becomes a verb, a doing, activityContinue reading “Geopainting”