Malevich’s Utopianism

  The following are some great quotes from Malevich. When approaching my own art and theories surrounding it I have found great inspiration in Malevich and even if I have taken a completely different aesthetic route in the sense of handling form, his contributions still have an influence upon me. (All quotes are from hisContinue reading “Malevich’s Utopianism”

Quotes from Denes, Celant, Simonds, Merz, Turell, and Meyer-Harrison

“According to evolutionary theories, Event is the only reality while the reality we perceive is forever changing and transforming in an expanding evolutionary universe in which time, space, mass and energy are all interconnected and interdependent.” — Agnes Denes Rice/Tree/Burial (1968-70) “He does not accept description and representation of the exterior aspects of nature andContinue reading “Quotes from Denes, Celant, Simonds, Merz, Turell, and Meyer-Harrison”