Notes on Sedimentation of the Mind

A few comments on entropy, the geologic and art. Robert Smithson’s essay mentions the encroachment of technological ideology into art with “technology” and “industry” becoming topes in the New York Art World of the ’50s and ’60s, where he explains, “The products of industry and technology began to have an appeal to the artist who wantedContinue reading “Notes on Sedimentation of the Mind”

Oceanic Undifferentiation

In what Robert Smithson called the ‘entropy of technique’ such processes plunge the imagination into the oceanic undifferentiation. To circle around a distinction between what could be rendered as limitless fragmentation and what could be reinscribed back into artistic determinants is bound to fail given that it is often the case that in the makingContinue reading “Oceanic Undifferentiation”

The Value of Time

“For too long the artist has been estranged from his own ‘time.’ Critics, by focusing on the ‘art object’, deprive the artist of any existence in the world of both mind and matter. The mental process of the artist which takes place in time is disowned, so that a commodity value can be maintained byContinue reading “The Value of Time”

Beyond Technological Ideology, Smithson’s ‘From Steel to Rust’

“Molded steel and cast aluminum are machine manufactured, and as a result they bear the stamp of technological ideology. Steel is hard, tough metal, suggesting the permanence of technological values. …Yet the more I think about steel itself, devoid of the technological refinements, the more rust becomes the fundamental property of steel. Rust itself isContinue reading “Beyond Technological Ideology, Smithson’s ‘From Steel to Rust’”

Sedimentary Record

Robert Smithson’s ideas about ‘abstract geology’ fascinate me, and specifically the politics of geology. Smithson refused art as a historical narrative with which the values and morality of Man could be injected.1 What are the politics of the volcano or the landslide or the tsunami? Certainly, they aren’t inscribed into the practice of historical Man:Continue reading “Sedimentary Record”