Litholarty is no doubt the earliest kind of worship, as the object of idolarty found all of the world seems to have been unwrought stone – such stone was often symbolic of the generative or emblem of the procreative power of nature. Remnants of stone worship can be found all over the world, distributed acrossContinue reading “Litholarty”

Excerpt from Hunting for Stone: Lee Ufan

Excerpts from Hunting for Stone, A Conversation with Lee Ufan by Robert Morgan, published in Sculpture Jan/Feb 2016 — “Stones are lumps of time that date back even longer than the earth. A lump of time is a lump of life in some sense. Steel plates extracted from stones are the production of industrial society;Continue reading “Excerpt from Hunting for Stone: Lee Ufan”

Ruskin’s Emanations

Ruskin’s rocks and ferns seem to emanate from the background in a scene where the foreground and the background slide together. There is a kind of force at work in the Rocks and Ferns in a Wood at Crossmount that suggests the objects coming-forth are a part of larger, flowing processes of matter.