Scale Invariance / Theory

The following is included in the upcoming ebook connected to our art installation, which opens Monday the 4th of April at Ann Arbor Art Center.   Theory / [1] Scale Under fractal dilatation geology appears invariant, meaning there is self-similarity. Without a scale it is impossible to determine the size of the geological feature. AContinue reading “Scale Invariance / Theory”

New Sculptures

Here are two of my recent sculptures. The dimensions vary but range about 36″-48″ width/height, the second one is about 24″ high. Artifacts. Techno-fossils. The black of the black mat boundary or the truth of Black Square. The decomposing toxic object of capital puncturing into the geological strata.

Excerpt from Hunting for Stone: Lee Ufan

Excerpts from Hunting for Stone, A Conversation with Lee Ufan by Robert Morgan, published in Sculpture Jan/Feb 2016 — “Stones are lumps of time that date back even longer than the earth. A lump of time is a lump of life in some sense. Steel plates extracted from stones are the production of industrial society;Continue reading “Excerpt from Hunting for Stone: Lee Ufan”

Oceanic Undifferentiation

In what Robert Smithson called the ‘entropy of technique’ such processes plunge the imagination into the oceanic undifferentiation. To circle around a distinction between what could be rendered as limitless fragmentation and what could be reinscribed back into artistic determinants is bound to fail given that it is often the case that in the makingContinue reading “Oceanic Undifferentiation”