Cognitive Map

This cognitive map serves as a means of gathering together materiality, technique and theory that may pertain to my artistic endeavors. The content revolves around employed artistic materials, mythological and philsophical interests, etc., that may provide an assembly of references to my artwork, texts and ramblings. No doubt this map will be altered over theContinue reading “Cognitive Map”

Accidents on a Planetary Scale

  Whenever a new technology emerges there also emerges simultaneously the consequences of its accident. The accident is inherent to every technology. It seems that because of globalization, which is the satellization of the City into an orbital function, we have now laid the grounds for global accidents. (Virllio). We are no longer in aContinue reading “Accidents on a Planetary Scale”

Scale Invariance / Theory

The following is included in the upcoming ebook connected to our art installation, which opens Monday the 4th of April at Ann Arbor Art Center.   Theory / [1] Scale Under fractal dilatation geology appears invariant, meaning there is self-similarity. Without a scale it is impossible to determine the size of the geological feature. AContinue reading “Scale Invariance / Theory”


We moisten a work of art with meaning like an authoritarian religion: baptizing by force. The work becomes an object of language, of speech about the work. It pushes the work into the discourse system of the subject’s utterances. It is pressed to give significations. It must fabricate a whole set of signs, symbols, syllogisms,Continue reading “Suspension”

Ground Effect

Heavily escalating from 1914 onwards, as Virillio points out, the first images of the Earth sent back to the eye were for wartime reconnaissance. Something of this origin still exists in the ‘chronophotographic’ techniques that apply the industrial method of work-division and production of images to aerial surveillance, and which is now so familiar toContinue reading “Ground Effect”